Julie Kondor

Animal Communicator and Pet Psychic​​

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Providing Knowledge,  Understanding and  Connection 
"Do you want your pets to be
heard and understood,
to give their lives more
meaning and enrichment,
to be come better friends?
Let's create more connection

between species,
 help foster more love and respect

as different species,
but also individuals...

At the end of each day,
what matters most are those
we are closest to,
the love we create
and nurture together.
Love is all we can take with us

from this earthly plane.
How much love did you

create and share today?
All lives matter.

I want all of our connections to be closer, deeper and allowing more love and understanding for all. Do you?

Tell me how I can help you."
Julie Kondor is a lifelong zoologist who is passionate about the natural world around us. She has dedicated her life to working with people and animals alike, facilitating a deeper exchange of knowledge, understanding and connection for all.

Julie offers psychic, telepathic animal communication sessions as well as a simple, yet powerful healing modality called Reiki. Both types of sessions are effective across any distance.

What are People Saying......

“Julie took my understanding of animals to a whole new level! It's inspiring to see the combination of knowledge and deep heartfelt connection that she has with animals."

​~Iris, Germany
"Not only did your work help me understand what is going on with my dog and what she needed which ultimately helped her in a huge way, but it was personally life changing in knowing what I need to do for me."

~JT, California
"Julie, your input was very helpful in understanding my cat 'Boots' more deeply. Thank you for voicing his thoughts!"

~Lori Violet, San Diego