Julie Kondor

Animal Communicator and Pet Psychic​​

Would you like to book a session with Julie? Please send up to three specific questions you may have regarding your pet. Be prepared to include 2-3 well lit, full body photos of your pet after inital contact has been established.  

Payment through Venmo or Google Wallet is due upon confirmed booking. Please see Services  page for details.

Allow 3-4 days for a completed session.

Thank you!  I look forward to connecting with you ~Julie

I am a zoologist, I am not a veterinarian. I do not give diagnoses or treat animals. My services are meant to complement medical care and concerns. Please contact your veterinarian for ALL emergencies and  medical care.

 “Julie took my understanding of animals to a whole new level! Seeing them as individuals just like humans, it sounds so obvious but I didn’t really get it until I met her. It's inspiring to see the combination of knowledge and deep heartfelt connection that Julie has with animals. Any human living with an animal would benefit so much from Julie's intuition. Her understanding and readings from near or far is spot on.” ~ Iris, Kiel, Germany
​​"Thank you Julie soooooo very much. Amazing work. Not only did your work help me understand what is going on with my dog and what she needed which ultimately helped her in a huge way, but it was personally life changing in knowing what I need to do for me. My dog reflects my behavior, my emotions and so much more. Julie broke through that with her very on point communication with my dog and myself. Huge gratitude and highly recommended for anyone with a dog that they have connection with, want more understanding, deepen their knowledge and better their lives together. She's my heart dog." ~ JT Clough, San Diego, CA

"Julie Kondor is highly attuned to animals. Her reading for me and Boots, the cat, was highly reassuring. On my recent move I had concerns about our attachment to each other and leaving him behind, since he's my roommate's cat. I had nurtured a trusting relationship with him, and we had grown very close in my two years living with him. Julie, your input was very helpful in understanding him more deeply, and our visits since the move have been sweet and special. Thank you for voicing his thoughts!” ~Lori Violet San Diego, CA

“Since she was a little girl, Julie Kondor has always been drawn to animals as animals are to her! She has both a sweet excitement and quiet calmness she shares with them! Take it from her mom! You will love her too.” ~ Mom Kondor, Seymour, CT